Building a Legacy: The Ruth Parker Eason School Memorial Project

A Tribute Born from Compassion

Ruth Parker Eason Memorial Project

In a profound gesture of community and remembrance, Three Little Birds Outdoor Living recently embarked on a heartfelt project at Ruth Parker Eason School, dedicated to the memory of students who have left us too soon. This initiative was more than a construction project; it was an endeavor to create a lasting space for reflection and remembrance shaped by love and respect.

Memorial Project Insights: Designing with Purpose

The design and materials chosen for the memorial were carefully selected to evoke a sense of peace and durability, reflecting the enduring spirit of those remembered.

  • Centerpiece Patio: The heart of the memorial, constructed with the Hanover Appian Natural Circle Kit in Chocolate Tan, offers a warm, inviting space for contemplation.
  • Accessible Sidewalk and Borders: Ensuring ease of access for all, the pathways and borders utilized Hanover Appian Natural Mixed Pavers in Chocolate Tan, promoting inclusivity and unity.
  • Sturdy Wall and Caps: Defined by Hanover Ammon’s blocks in Chocolate Tan, the walls of the memorial provide a protective embrace around the sacred space, signifying strength and permanence.

A Community United: Collaboration and Contribution

This project was a testament to the power of community support and unity. With services donated by Three Little Birds Outdoor Living and materials generously provided by Maisel Brothers, the project exemplified what can be achieved when businesses and individuals come together for a noble cause. The school’s only expense was the direct wages for the crew, a small price for a project of such significance.

The Memorial’s Impact: A Space of Serenity


The completion of the memorial at Ruth Parker Eason School has established a serene sanctuary for students, staff, and families to gather, remember, and celebrate the lives of cherished students. This tranquil space serves not only as a physical tribute but also as a symbol of the everlasting impact these young souls have had on their community.

Beyond Construction – Building Hope and Remembrance

At Three Little Birds Outdoor Living, we’re honored to have played a role in bringing the Ruth Parker Eason School memorial to fruition. This project has reinforced our belief in the transformative power of our work – not just in enhancing physical spaces but in enriching lives and communities.

Let’s Create Meaningful Spaces Together

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