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What is Hardscaping?

Hardscape installations include features such as stone or interlocking concrete pavers. Hardscape projects include walkways, patios, retaining walls, stone veneer, outdoor living, and other landscaping design elements that use stone, wood, sand, rock, brick, concrete, or other similar materials. A hardscape or a hardscape project is constructed by joining both natural and man-made, non-living materials that are combined to create a custom look unique to a customer’s space.
Many landscaping and gardening projects and designs would be impossible without at least some hardscaping features, such as preventing erosion and water runoff through the construction of barriers, elevated areas, and improved irrigation. Combining natural and manmade elements to reduce future maintenance while maximizing functionality is our goal.

Our Custom Designs and unique installation methods ensure a patio that will last a lifetime

Our design and installation teams take pride in having the knowledge and expertise needed to provide the most accurate advice to suit each of our client’s individual needs. We provide all phases of service including design, installation, and maintenance. A few areas of our expertise include custom patio design and installation of walkways, retaining walls, stairs, entrances, and stone veneer.

We know that proper installation is the key to durability, and we constantly strive to perfect our methods to ensure a lifetime of use and enjoyment from our projects. Because of this unwavering desire to excel in our field, we have developed a unique installation process that is considerably different than methods used by our competitors, and greatly exceeds industry standards. We source and utilize very specific types of base materials that, when combined, create a uniquely stable and long lasting base for your patio, walkway, retaining wall or staircase.

Our custom hardscaping process is sure to give you the patio and outdoor living space of your dreams in Annapolis, Baltimore, Stevensville and Easton MD.

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Our Guarantee

Since our inception, we have proudly offered a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our stone installation projects. We can provide this warranty because of our unwavering belief in the stability and durability of our unique installation process. Our projects are installed with longevity in mind and we significantly exceed industry standards with each of our installations. Our design layout, along with properly chosen materials for each space, allows us to be sure that each project will truly last a lifetime.

Our Process

Attention to detail, combined with our unique installation process and carefully planned projects ensure not only outstanding results but also minimizes total project time. Most patio & retaining wall projects can be completed in just a few days, and our dedicated crews strive to reduce the impact on your property and surroundings. We provide a clearly defined start and finish date and work hard to meet our scheduling goals.

Hardscaping services in Easton, Annapolis, Stevensville and Baltimore MD.
Custom stone patio installation in Baltimore MD.
Enjoy a custom patio installation in Baltimore MD.
Custom steps and entrance stone pavers in Annapolis, Baltimore, Easton and Stevensville, MD.

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