The licensed experts at Three Little Birds are ready to help you bring your lawn to life using the most up to date equipment, materials, and installation methods. Whether you choose seed or live sod applications, we are here to help you make an informed decision about what is best for your home or business.

Hydroseeding is the process of mixing grass seed, fibrous paper-based mulch, starter fertilizer and water then spraying the mixture onto prepared soil. Specialized equipment is used to mix and apply the blend, and the results can be truly incredible. Hydroseeding provides a cheaper alternative to live sod installation and is a great solution for steep grades, large areas, or patching turf, resulting in substantial grass growth typically within one week. Done properly, hydroseed can result in turf growth in even the most difficult spaces and conditions. We are proud to offer both residential and commercial hydroseeding services, and always use top quality Lesco products with our applications.

When installing sod, we always use the freshest turf grass. We source our sod directly from a local grower, and have it cut and delivered within 24 hrs of delivery. This ensures quality results and reduces transplant shock. Proper installation of quality sod results in an ‘instant,’ lush green lawn with many years of easy maintenance. Call today for a free consultation with a licensed turf management expert.


Hydro seeding services in Easton, Annapolis, Baltimore and Stevensville, MD.

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